Green Wilma Frog in Space storybook art idea

Learning about outer space is always a hot topic for kids of all ages.  There are many great story books available, including the story Green Wilma Frog in Space” by Ted Arnold.   In this story Wilma goes on an adventure when she is mistaken for an alien child, and goes for a ride in a spaceship.   Wilma’s humorous adventure will have any child smiling in delight.

Green Wilma Frog in space book

Today I wanted to share a fun and simple drawing lesson that can be completed after reading Green Wilma Frog in Space.  After reading the story, show the kids how to draw a spaceship and draw Wilma looking through the window.  It’s a great way to re-visit the story and review Wilma’s adventure.

how to draw a spaceship drawing lesson

Materials needed:

  • Paper 
  • Pencil and/or black sharpie 
  • Pencil crayons or markers
Storybook craft learn how to draw a spaceship

How to draw a spaceship:

  • First have the kids draw a large curved line and then draw a second curved line underneath it, creating an eye shape.  This is the body of the space ship. 
  • Next have them draw a curved line in the middle of the spaceship, separating it into two parts and then draw in some circles for windows. 
  • Then have the kids draw a half oval (or hill) on the top of the ship and then draw a second half oval inside the first.  Then we add two more half ovals for eyes and include a mouth.  And there you have it Wilma is complete! 
  • Next have them draw curved lines for the feet of the spaceship (or landing gear as you will) and add another small half oval for the bottom of the feet. 
  • Then have them draw a half of a square for the bottom of the spaceship (engine thrusters). 
  • Next have the kids decorate the spaceship by drawing more buttons and bolts by adding more shapes and lines to the ship.
  • Lastly add color to your spaceship.

Step by step instructions on how to draw a spaceship for kids
Once the spaceship is drawn and colored you can add one more step and cut out the ship and then have your kids complete a re-telling of the story using their spaceship as a prop.  Now you could keep it as a cut-out or glue the spaceship onto a Popsicle stick so it is more like a puppet.  Encourage kids to be as animated as they can while re-telling.  Adding lots of bops and beeps and va-rooms always helps! 

Re-telling stories is a great way to practice recognizing what is important in the story without telling too much. Retelling also helps readers recall what is happening in the story, develop a sense of story structure, and become more accurate in monitoring their understanding.

art activity based on story book Green Wilma Frog in space

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