Printable St. Patrick's day worksheets and activities

St. Patrick's day is always a very busy and exciting time.  The week before the big day, I have my class work through my St. Patrick's day unit, which is a combo pack, filled with fun printable literacy and math activities as well as ideas for holiday themed activities.

St. Patrick's day themed unit with literacy, math, and writing worksheets

Included in the bundle:

  • 119 pages of fun St. Patrick's day activities
  • 6 literacy centers
  • 5 math centers
  • math journal prompts for the week
  • a printable patterned reader (in color and black and white)
  • printable pocket chart cards for vocabulary building
  • story book recommendations
  • a step by step plan for incorporating 6 days of St. Patrick's day fun in your class, including:
    •  getting messages from a leprechaun, 
    • building a leprechaun trap activity, 
    • wanted poster printable, 
    • class book 
    • and more.

Here is a peek at some of the St. Patrick's day themed activities:

Unit plan for teachers for St. Patrick's day including worksheets and lesson plans

Finish the pattern
St. Patrick's day math worksheet finish the pattern

Shake the egg carton and record the number.
St. Patrick's day worksheet on number recognition

St. Patrick's day worksheet on number recognition using hands on activitiy

St. Patrick's day math worksheet and activities

Trace and cut a variety of lines to strengthen those fine motor skills.
St. Patrick's day fine motor activities working on cutting skills

Make a Leprechaun beard!
St. Patrick's day craft make a leprechaun beard

Printable worksheets with writing prompts.

St. Patrick's day worksheet with writing prompts

Roll and Cover shamrock, great for number recognition and subititizing.

St. Patrick's day roll and cover math activity

Now this is the best part of this unit!! A complete 6 day lesson plan that will keep your students learning all week long. Your whole week is planned for you. Can it get any easier??
St. Patrick's day lesson plans with printable worksheets

Need some great books for your unit?  Check out these great reads!

The Leprechaun's gold book The luckiest St. Patrick's day ever book Clever Tom and the Leprechaun book How to catch a leprechaun book

These activities can be purchased in my TPT store here

St. Patrick's day thematic unit with literacy and math worksheets

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St. Patrick's day roll and cover shamrock math activity

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Now to top off the excitement of St. Patty's day, Every year a sneaky little leprechaun comes to visit on St. Patrick's day.  He causes a little bit of mischief and A LOT of excitement!  He has visited my house and my classroom!  In the past he has put all of the chairs onto the kitchen table, hid chocolate coins, left green footprints and created a bit of a mess. 

St. Patrick's day leprechaun tricks put chairs on tables

I always laugh at the above photo, I guess they figured since the chairs were on the table they could also stand on the table.  And being a dedicated blogger I grabbed the camera first and then told them to get down. Ha!

Read all about our sneaky little leprechaun in this post.

Sneaky Leprechaun tricks and pranks to play on kids


  1. What a great set of activities! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Fun! So glad the naughty little leprechaun has fun at your house too.
    At our house, he pees "green" in the toilets and doesn't flush!
    Thanks so much for sharing, love the do-a-dot stamping game.

    Pink and Green Mama

    1. Thanks MaryLea for stopping by! That leprechaun sure is Naughty! I'll be sure to head over to Pink and Green Mama this year to see what trouble he's been into!


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