Building fine motor skills by hammering

My kids favorite fine motor exercises are the ones that are disguised as playful activities and if the exercise involves hammering things, well you have a winner there!  

Materials needed: 
  • a piece of Styrofoam (save those packing pieces)
  • golf tees
  • plastic hammer or mallet

building fine motor skills by using hammers to nail golf tees in styrofoam

After I have gathered all the materials, we usually go outside and I let them hammer away!  I have found that there will be pieces of Styrofoam that will break away so going outside makes clean up a breeze!  They hammer the golf tees into the Styrofoam and then pull them up when they are finished and repeat the process, over, and over, and over again!  It's a great way to keep the kids occupied and build their hand strength and coordination at the same time!

Need more activities to keep the kids busy?   

Check out our fine motor page for more ideas. 


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