Keeping Kids Occupied

The weather here has been pretty cold so we have been inside a lot.  The kiddos can get pretty bored and into mischief if I don't keep them busy.  That's why I love doing activities as part of our homemade kindergarten.  They get all excited when I say I have an "activity" for them.  Just don't tell them they are learning.....shhhhh!  Here are some of the activities we have been up to:

tracing everyday objects

I rolled out a large piece of paper and we traced objects we found around the house looking for shapes.  We then counted how many squares, circles, etc.. we had drawn.

Sort shapes using a plastic tray

We had lots of fun sorting shapes using a veggie tray plate from the dollar store.

Make pictures with shapes

We then used the shapes to make pictures!

make patterns using links

We practiced making patterns by using links.  First I had them finish my pattern that I created and then I had them make up their own patterns.

Build fine motor muscles by threading pipe cleaners into a collinder

We threaded pipe cleaners into a colander.  Great fine motor practice!

Build fine motor muscles by threading pipe cleaners into a metal rack

We weaved pipe cleaners through an metal rack. 


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