Building fine motor skills by making 3-D playdough bugs

Play-dough!  I have to admit I love play-dough!  It's a great tool for building fine motor skills and muscles.  I love to squish the dough through my fingers and then mold a simple form and then squish it and start again!  My kiddos also LOVE play-dough.  They would play with it every day if I left it out but then my house would be covered with little dried up balls of multicolored crumbs!  So I try my best to bring it out as often as I can.  

Usually I just let the kids create freely and explore what they can make with the play-dough but sometimes I provide them with play-dough mats that challenge them to create specific items. 

Other times I invite them to create their masterpieces by using a variety of craft materials.  The following are some fun materials that make a great addition you can they can include in your creations:
  • gems stones
  • Popsicle sticks
  • googly eyes
  • tooth picks
  • buttons
  • feathers
  • sequins

play-dough bugs made with craft materials
A play-dough bug made with craft materials

invitation to play with play-dough and craft materials
Another play-dough bug made with craft supplies

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Build fine motor skills by making pretend food out of playdough
Build fine motor skills by making pretend food out of play-dough

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