Printable Valentine's day worksheets and center activities

Today it was all about the love!  L.O.V.E. dice to be more specific.  Today in my small group of kindergarten students we played a game that is included with in my Printable Valentine's day worksheets.  When I work with my small group of students I often use literacy and math center activities that also include a theme, in this case it was Valentine's day.

Printable Valentine's day worksheets-literacy and math activities-printing

Printable Valentine's day worksheets-literacy and math activities-coloring

To play this game, I have the students take turns rolling a letter dice that has the letters L, o, v, e on it.  We then read our letters out loud and then color in the matching hearts.  If someone rolls a heart they missed a turn and the person who gets all their hearts colored first is the winner.  The students love this game and I often hear a lot of "can I play next"?  For those students who can easily recognize the letter they have to tell me the letter sound or a word that starts with that letter.

The game pieces (including the dice) can be download from my Valentine's day literacy and math activities for prek and kindergarten from my teacherspayteachers store.

You can see it here in my store

Valentine's day worksheets-literacy and math activities

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