Valentine's day worksheets and activities for kindergarten

Today I want to talk about my Valentine's day unit, that I use with my Kindergarten students.  It is made up of printable Valentine's day worksheets and activities that help make the day special.   It can be found at my TPT store here.

Valentine's day worksheets and activities for kindergarten-tpt unit

I love to celebrate the holidays with my students and one of the ways I do this is to create centers that incorporate the holiday theme, in this case, it's Valentine's day. Changing things up a bit keeps them engaged and curious and excited to try out the new centers.

Some of the curriculum connections included in this unit are:

  • Alphabet skills -matching letters
  • Alphabet skills- putting letters in alphabetical order
  • Matching upper and lower case letters
  • Number sense-counting
  • Copying and extending patterns

One of the favorite activities included in this package, is the ABC cut and paste worksheet.  To do this worksheet the kids cut out hearts with letters on them and then glue them in the correct Alphabetical order.  I have included two versions of this activity, a simple one and a more complex one to challenge the kids.

Valentine's day worksheets and activities-Cutting out the letters

Valentine's day worksheets and activities-Glue the letters in order

For more center ideas you might be interested in:

Winter center activities-counting with buttons on a snowman

Valentine's day worksheets and activities-love dice-print the letter

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