Colorful flower craft made with painted tissue paper

Today I wanted to share with you a fun spring craft that I made with the kids the other day.  We created colorful flowers made with painted tissue paper.  We had a ton of painted tissue paper left over from making our Eric Carle butterflies so this was a great way to use some of it up.  

Flower craft for kids made with painted tissue paper

Materials that you will need:
  • Flower shape drawn on thick white paper or construction paper
  • Tissue paper
  • paint (optional)
  • scissors
  • white glue or glue stick

flower craft for kids made by cutting and gluing painted tissue paper

First I gave each kid a flower drawn on white paper.  Then the kids cut out pieces of the painted tissue and glued them to the flower.  If you didn't have painted tissue scraps already you could have your kids paint the tissue first, let it dry and then cut and glue the pieces onto the flower, or you could just use regular colored tissue paper. I like the look of the painted tissue as it shows so many more color combinations and textures but it would still be beautiful if they just used regular tissue paper.  It was great cutting practice for the kids and they were able to complete the project totally independently.

spring flower craft for kids using painted tissue paper

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