Christmas themed homemade wrapping paper craft for toddlers

So have you finished all your shopping yet?  Baking? Decorating? How about wrapping?  There are so many things to do for Christmas that sometimes I forget to just slow down and soak it all in! 

I have been trying to include the kiddos in as many things as I can but that just means everything goes a lot slower and WHOLE lot messier, but it's all about creating memories and having fun!  The kiddos love to help me wrap presents.  In fact yesterday we went thru 5 rolls of tape!!  I have a feeling I might have to hand out scissors Christmas morning to get thru the layers of tape. The kids love to be a part of the gift giving and one of the easiest ways to involve them is to have them make their own homemade wrapping paper.  
Fun craft wrapping paper craft for toddlers

We roll out some newsprint or use the back of some cheaper wrapping paper, and paint Christmas designs to create our own wrapping paper.  You can use stamps or hand prints or just let the kids go for it!  Grandparents especially love receiving gifts in homemade wrap!  Have fun!


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