Dear Santa...

Every year the kids leave Santa a snack which consists of a plate with cookies, a carrot for Rudolf, and a cup of chocolate milk.  We always put it in the same spot, in the corner on an end table.  And every year when the kids wake up they check to see if the snack is gone.  It is the first thing they do!  Even last year when Santa left two bikes sitting in front of the tree they didn't even notice because they were too worried about examining the plate for left-over crumbs!  Well this year J decided to leave a note for Santa.  He put it right where we leave the snack.  It's been there now for about 3 weeks.  Do you think someone is a little excited??  I don't know how he is going to make it all the way to Christmas!
Dear Santa letter for Christmas

Does your family leave cookies for Santa?  How about Rudolf, do you leave anything for him?

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