Learn to read with these easy to make magnetic sight words

There are a ton of learning to read resources available but many of them are not very wallet friendly, if you know what mean!  So I decided to make my own magnetic sight words.  They are very easy to make and lend themselves to so many activities. 

Make your own magnetic sight words and sort them

First I bought full magnetic sheets (with a self-adhesive back).  You can get these at the dollarstore, walmart or here on amazon.

Magnetic paper to make your own sight words

Then I printed and laminated the sight words I needed. 

Print out sight words for magnetic sight words

These laminating sheets work well and you don't need a machine to laminate.
Laminating sheets no machine needed

Then I attached the laminated words to the magnetic sheets and cut each word out. 

My kids really enjoy playing with the magnetic sight words and they will stick them all over the fridge.  At school the kids stick them to the white board or my filing cabinet.  The kids love to move them around as they read them.  I also like to give them challenges to sort the letters and to get them to really look at the letters and how the words are made.

These are some of the ways I challenge them are:

  • Have the kids put the words in alphabetical order. 
  • Have the kids sort words by words they can read and words they are learning. 
  • Have kids sort words by how many letters each word has.  
  • Have kids sort by beginning letter sound.  
  • Have kids sort by ending letter sound.
  • And many more ways!! 

Make you own magnetic sight words and stick them on the fridge or whiteboard
How can you sort them?

These printable sheets can also work.  Simply put the paper into your printer, print out your words, cut and you are done!  Easy Peazy!

Printable Magnet sheets to make sight words

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  1. I LOVE this idea, seeing as I adore anything and everything having to do with magnets! My 4 year old is just starting on 2-4 letter words, and this will be perfect for her--I even have the magnetic strips! Yay me!


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I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more information about this please see our disclosure policy

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