Get an entire year of easy to use spelling activities for kids

Today I wanted to talk a little about my newest product on TeachersPayTeachers.  It is an entire year of easy to use spelling activities.  So if you are looking for first grade worksheets or kindergarten worksheets that focus on spelling patterns and phonics this is the resource for you.  It is also perfect for home school learning.

An entire year of spelling worksheets and activities

Spelling Success Weekly Homework Activities is a 40 week program that presents 10 new spelling words each week and a review week every 5th week to further practice the previously presented words. Each week teachers will send home 1 page double sided for homework.  How easy is that?  Parents can encourage their kids to complete one or two practice activities each day so that over the course of the week they will have a strong grasp of their spelling words. 

Each week 10 new spelling words are given (with a review week every 5th week) that focus on a specific phonetic skill necessary for learning to read and to spell.  Included are:
  • consonant blends (cl, fl, br, sn, th, sh, ch, etc..)
  • vowels (short a, e, i, o, u, long a, e, i, o, u)
  • word families (at, ig, in, ot, ell, ill, etc..)
  • vowel diagraphs (ai, ow, oo, ew, etc.)
  • frequently used sight words. 

Each double sided page includes a variety of activities including:
  • Spelling worksheets which are "pencil and paper" tasks, such as tracing words, printing, filling in bubbles, matching, sorting, completing word searches, filling in blanks, etc..
hands on ways to practice spelling

  • tasks that need to be done with a parent.  These activities are more hands on learning and incorporate many different fun ways to practice their spelling words.  For example, students might be asked to clap out their words, jump on the letters as they spell, perform jumping jacks, sing the letters as the spell, etc. 
hands on ways to practice spelling throwing a sock at words

Making words tasks which include either cutting and pasting letters to make words or manipulating letters to make words.

practice spelling by using cut up letters to make words

I have tried to make this package very simple for teachers, parents and students.  Focusing on one or two phonetic skill per week allows teachers to plan instruction around those blends and sight words and also gives your students a chance to learn and practice using different blends and words. And check back because I am working on a supplementary package that provides teachers with spelling lessons and activities to complete at school which will complement the homework worksheets.

Recently I have had questions whether these are first grade worksheets or kindergarten worksheets.  In my opinion they could be either depending on your class and your students ability levels.  The worksheets start off with CVC words and then move into 4 and 5 letter words but if your kindergarten class is capable of making 3 letter words than they would be fine starting with this program.

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I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more information about this please see our disclosure policy

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